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Wireless Headphones Sacramento

You will be delighted by how good it feels to move freely while listening to your favorite album or TV show. Enjoy legendary Sennheiser sound and quality in Sacramento, without the wires and cables!

Headphones to enchant instead of entangle.

With no cable coming between you and your favorite tracks, Sennheiser’s top-notch wireless headphones will be sure to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding audio connoisseurs. While lossless digital RF-transmission is perfect for high-end home stereo use, Bluetooth®-equipped models work great with mobile devices. Reliable and easy to handle, Sennheiser’s wireless headphones really unleash the joy of sound.

Sennheiser offers a wide range of wireless models, catering to different needs–from IR-stereo TV listening systems, to audiophile digital home systems, to luxurious Bluetooth® travel headsets.

12 Creative Ways to Add Personal Touch to Your Wedding with Sacramento Wedding Photography

If you read the blog post, Top 5 Wedding Day Regrets From Real Brides, one of the top regrets was not

adding personal touch to the wedding day. Some brides wished they had a more private first look moment,

instead of having a crowd of people with them.


Others wished they wrote personal vows or interacted more with their guests. Some wished they had not

listened to others to please everyone and instead planned a wedding in their own personal taste and style.


To create a personal and memorable wedding day, here are some ideas you can incorporate:


1. Pictures Slideshow


Include a slideshow of you and your spouse from childhood to adulthood, as well as pictures of when you

first met and started dating. This is a sweet way to share your journey of finding each other.


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2. Handwritten Letter or Décor


Incorporate something handwritten in your wedding day – whether it’s a letter to your spouse to read in the

morning, handwritten vows, or your favorite love quotes.


3. Handwritten Backdrop


Include a handwritten backdrop with lyrics from your favorite love song, a verse from the ceremony reading,

or your vows to showcase words that are meaningful to you as a couple.


4. Family Photo Wall


As part of your wedding décor, include pictures of your parents and grandparents on their wedding day. It’s

something your grandma would really appreciate, and you’ll share some nostalgia with loved ones. It’s also

a cool way to share your family’s history. Adding family photos is a sweet way of remembering loved ones

who have passed away and were not able to see your wedding day. It’s a reminder that you’re still thinking

of them.


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5. Personalized Coffee Cup Sleeves


Add personal touch to your wedding day by including personalized coffee cup sleeves. It’s an easy and

rather inexpensive way to add little details to your wedding.


6. Cultural First Dance


For your first dance, include some dance moves that celebrate your backgrounds – whether it’s the Irish jig,

Chinese dragon dance, Argentine tango, or so on. This will surely be a dance to remember!



7. Personal Quote


Create a personal quote to include in your ceremony program or wedding invitations, or include your favorite

quote from a book, song, or poem.


8. Walk Into Your Favorite Love Song


When the bride walks down the aisle, it’s an emotional moment for many people, but especially for the bride,

the father of the bride, and the groom. Choose your favorite love song to start off the ceremony on the perfect note.


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9. Snacks During “Halftime”


If you’re sports fans, include “halftime” snacks during cocktail hour – soft pretzels, nachos, cocktail meatballs,

cheese and crackers.


10. Include Time for Socializing with Your Wedding Guests

When creating your wedding day schedule, add some room for socializing with guests, instead of having activities

back-to-back. That way you’ll get a chance to talk with guests you haven’t seen in a while or those who traveled a

long distance to celebrate your wedding day.


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11. Include a Wedding Guest Book for Guests to Sign


One day you’ll look back and read through the wishes and notes your guests included in your wedding guestbook.

It’ll bring wedding day nostalgia and remind you of everyone who celebrated the special day with you.


12. “Groom’s Favorite” and “Bride’s Favorite” Drinks


Share your favorite drink with your wedding guests in your bar/drinks menu. It’s a fun way for wedding guests to

get to know you better!

Kavai Leonard debuted in personalized sneakers from New Balance

Star forward Toronto “Raptors” Kawai Leonard officially introduced the nominal OMN1S model from New Balance. A completely new silhouette, in classic black and white and red colors, Leonard demonstrated during the All-Star Game NBA, held in Charlotte last Sunday. A few days before the official release, New Balance presented teaser videos and photos on social networks, in which sneaker design elements were only partially viewed.


Sacramento SEO Company

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Important Exterior Home Maintenance (& Improvement) Tasks from Sacramento

Keeping up with exterior maintenance is critical to your home’s long-term health. With good exterior maintenance, you can keep your home in great shape year round. We have a special addition this month – some excellent information on solar from our friends at A1 Solar!

Below you’ll find some of the recommended exterior maintenance items. Good news…Always Shine can help with ALL of these!

  • Clean exterior windows: Clean exterior windows make your home look nice — but they also protect the lifespan of your windows. Over time, harsh elements outdoors can damage your windows. Weather damage, pollution, minerals, rust, and other elements can adhere to the glass, causing buildup and damage. Clean your windows, and you’ll not only see better outside, you’ll keep your windows healthy and well maintained.
  • Clean gutters: Gutters often get clogged with leaves, seeds, and other debris. This can lead to problems including overflow, mold, rot, pest infestations, and even flooding damage. It an also diminish the lifespan of your shingles and paint. While gutter cleaning is especially important in late fall, it is important year-round to keep your drainage system working free of cloges and to avoid damage. You should also inspect your gutters for damage and sagging and repair any issues.
  • Clean your driveway and walkways: Your driveway and walkways are full of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and toxins — and all of those can be tracked into your home and even cause slips and falls. Pressure wash your driveway and walkways, removing not just stains, but harmful buildup.
  • Pressure wash exterior walls: Whether you have siding, brick, stone, or stucco, you’ll need to periodically pressure wash exterior walls to remove mold, mildew, and dirt. Doing so helps to discourage rot and makes your home look more attractive. Add Roof cleaning/moss removal to this list.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning: Solar Panel Cleaning is absolutely necessary if you want to maximize the return on your investment and keep your system shining brightly.

Book one of these services in the month of June and receive 10% off!
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Northern California Wedding Photographer

Jeanette and Rance are such an incredible pair. Having the opportunity to capture their wedding at Butte Star Ranch on a gorgeous May afternoon, was very special. Their love story has touched many around them, including me.

From the flowers on the tables, to the color scheme and location; Jeanette and Rance’s vision really came to life!

Once we stepped into the bridal suite, seeing Jeanette’s smile made us realize that this is why we do what we do. Marriage is such a precious thing, and to be able to capture these moments, is a beautiful feeling! Anyways, getting teary eyed writing this… back to the beautiful bride! As we entered, we captured moments that Jeanette will cherish for a life time. The moment she stepped into her dress, her bridesmaids were in awe! Can’t you tell in the photos, and wouldn’t you be too?!

Soon after taking photos of the ladies, we climbed up some stairs to meet with Rance and his dashing groomsmen. To say these photos are the best, is an understatement!

Onward to the ceremony! As the groomsmen get down the aisle, the bridesmaids follow shortly after. All of a sudden, we hear this roaring motor come around the corner, and it’s Delphine, with The 530 Bride on a golf cart racing Jeanette to the head of the aisle! What an entrance!

As Jeanette walks down with her grandfather, tears start flowing, and love fills the air… Vows are exchanged, and “I dos” are said. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Rance Dyer!

Shortly after, the reception begins, and this is the fun part… dancing the night away with delicious food catered by Chico Catering Company.

Please enjoy some of our favorite moments from this special couple’s day. We hope you enjoy! (Vendors are listed at the bottom.)

Jeanette & Rance - Butte Star Ranch - Sacramento Wedding Photographer - Ashley Teasley Photography (39 of 41).jpg

Wedding at the Westin Sacramento

Adorned in pearls and diamonds, Kirsten and Brian pledged their lives to one another in Marriage at the sophisticated Westin in California’s capital city. That long stride down those steps, the layers of white tulle trailing behind, to the first look of excitement, utter love and joy upon Brian’s face was captured with the expertise of our wedding videography crew.

The glistening of Kirsten’s locks of tendrils laced across her shoulders, shadowed from the sunset, while reciting words that etch the heart of her husband to be. Those words spoken to bind these two hearts together in front of loved ones, family and friends are forever cherished and seized on film as if in a time lock.

From the kiss to seal the promise of a life spent lived together, the laughter, love-filled eyes, speeches, the first dance and the grasp of his hand to hers will be infinitely taken captive.

These moments that pass within a breath can only be experienced once in a lifetime.
These junctures in time can also be looked back upon in an instant with your wedding video to recreate all the feels of those blissful memories.

Brian and Kirsten’s obvious delight is one that is sought after by many and admired by all.

Fast SEO Sacramento

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Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting process. You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen each day, so this is the kind of project that you will get to enjoy for years to come. Whether you simply want some new counters or you want to renovate the entire space, America’s Advantage remodeling is here to help.

If you are looking for kitchen remodeling ideas to kick off your upcoming project, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at a few ideas you may want to incorporate into your plans.

Upgrade Your Counters

Okay – so this isn’t exactly a creative idea, as it is something that most people seek to do when completing a kitchen remodel. Yet, we still need to mention it here, as it is often the best place to start your plans. Once you determine what kind of counters you want to use, and how you want those counters to look, the rest of the job may fall into place nicely.

How About Two Ovens?

For someone who loves to cook – and bake, specifically – designing a kitchen with two ovens is an interesting idea. Every serious home cook has run into trouble at one time or another with not having enough space in the oven for everything on the menu. Including a second oven in your final design may be surprisingly affordable, and you’ll have much more flexibility when it comes to planning your meals.

Respect the Value of Space

One of the most important simple kitchen renovation ideas to remember is that empty space can be quite valuable. In other words, you don’t want to overcrowd your kitchen in order to pack in as many features as possible. Having plenty of room to move around as you cook – and having plenty of room for your guests when having a party – is valuable.

Think Big Picture

When having a remodel completed in your kitchen, you don’t want to have to go back and make further changes only a few years down the line. This is a project you want to stand the test of time, so do your best to think ahead while planning the project. Is your life set to change in a meaningful way in the years to come? For instance, are you going to have children, or do you have young children who will quickly be getting bigger and needing more space?

Avoid Extremes

It’s likely that your house is one of the most valuable assets you own – if not the most valuable. With that in mind, spending money on a kitchen renovation which is unusual in some major way probably isn’t the best idea. For instance, let’s just say you never use an oven when you cook – should you leave an oven out of your plan? Maybe not – when the time comes to sell your home, the new owner is almost certainly going to want such a standard feature. This is a basic example, but you get the idea. Avoid doing anything that is going to make it harder for you to get top dollar for your home later on.

When looking for kitchen design & remodeling ideas, remember to view everything through your own lens. Think about your needs, preferences, and long-term goals before finalizing your design. And, of course, feel free to contact America’s Advantage Remodeling for assistance. We can help with the design phase of your job, and we can then bring it to life once the design is finalized. Thanks for reading, and we hope to work with you soon!


Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer

Hiring photographers and videographers is a difficult task for many people because they do not know much about these professions. Well, the time has come for you to acquaint youself with their work. The first thing you need to realize is that photographers and videographers are numerious. For example, did you know that the US had 54.830 professional photographers in 2013? Sacramento alone host hundreds of them.

However, only a few photographers and videographers would give value for your money.
Fortunately, searching for them is unnecessary because Indigo Sky Studios is the home of the best
photographers and videographers in Sacramento. We are the best because our photographers capture moments of laughter, joyful tears and vivid displays of affection. More specifically, our wedding photographer will capture these moment in detailed and cinematic fashion. Moreover, our video packages are unbeatable. For example, a silver package includes one Sacramento wedding videographer while a classical one will get you two videographers.
Call us today for incredible rates on high-quality photography and videography. Alternatively, visit us along
Birdcage Street in Citrus Heights, Sacramento.

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