12 Creative Ways to Add Personal Touch to Your Wedding with Sacramento Wedding Photography

If you read the blog post, Top 5 Wedding Day Regrets From Real Brides, one of the top regrets was not

adding personal touch to the wedding day. Some brides wished they had a more private first look moment,

instead of having a crowd of people with them.


Others wished they wrote personal vows or interacted more with their guests. Some wished they had not

listened to others to please everyone and instead planned a wedding in their own personal taste and style.


To create a personal and memorable wedding day, here are some ideas you can incorporate:


1. Pictures Slideshow


Include a slideshow of you and your spouse from childhood to adulthood, as well as pictures of when you

first met and started dating. This is a sweet way to share your journey of finding each other.


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2. Handwritten Letter or Décor


Incorporate something handwritten in your wedding day – whether it’s a letter to your spouse to read in the

morning, handwritten vows, or your favorite love quotes.


3. Handwritten Backdrop


Include a handwritten backdrop with lyrics from your favorite love song, a verse from the ceremony reading,

or your vows to showcase words that are meaningful to you as a couple.


4. Family Photo Wall


As part of your wedding décor, include pictures of your parents and grandparents on their wedding day. It’s

something your grandma would really appreciate, and you’ll share some nostalgia with loved ones. It’s also

a cool way to share your family’s history. Adding family photos is a sweet way of remembering loved ones

who have passed away and were not able to see your wedding day. It’s a reminder that you’re still thinking

of them.


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5. Personalized Coffee Cup Sleeves


Add personal touch to your wedding day by including personalized coffee cup sleeves. It’s an easy and

rather inexpensive way to add little details to your wedding.


6. Cultural First Dance


For your first dance, include some dance moves that celebrate your backgrounds – whether it’s the Irish jig,

Chinese dragon dance, Argentine tango, or so on. This will surely be a dance to remember!



7. Personal Quote


Create a personal quote to include in your ceremony program or wedding invitations, or include your favorite

quote from a book, song, or poem.


8. Walk Into Your Favorite Love Song


When the bride walks down the aisle, it’s an emotional moment for many people, but especially for the bride,

the father of the bride, and the groom. Choose your favorite love song to start off the ceremony on the perfect note.


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9. Snacks During “Halftime”


If you’re sports fans, include “halftime” snacks during cocktail hour – soft pretzels, nachos, cocktail meatballs,

cheese and crackers.


10. Include Time for Socializing with Your Wedding Guests

When creating your wedding day schedule, add some room for socializing with guests, instead of having activities

back-to-back. That way you’ll get a chance to talk with guests you haven’t seen in a while or those who traveled a

long distance to celebrate your wedding day.


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11. Include a Wedding Guest Book for Guests to Sign


One day you’ll look back and read through the wishes and notes your guests included in your wedding guestbook.

It’ll bring wedding day nostalgia and remind you of everyone who celebrated the special day with you.


12. “Groom’s Favorite” and “Bride’s Favorite” Drinks


Share your favorite drink with your wedding guests in your bar/drinks menu. It’s a fun way for wedding guests to

get to know you better!

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