John Scherillo lives on Long Island and is the owner and operator of Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting; a contracting company servicing Long Island and the New York area. Scherillo’s reputable home and the business company specializes in the removal of junk on commercial and homeowner property as well as providing demolition services. John Scherillo has been chief operator since the business’s establishment and continues to broaden his company’s portfolio as happy customers continue contracting.

Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting began as a simple dumpster service and has since become the leading demolition and construction project business within the region. John Scherillo handles a multitude of services which together, cover nearly every aspect of structural and constructional repairs and replenishment. Scherillo’s business collects unwanted debris, offers dumpster rentals, safe demolishment of structure and is able to troubleshoot unique issues pertinent to individual properties. Factors such as the lay of land, piping, weather, electrical wiring and structural issues are problems that John Scherillo views as fun challenges, as a business for John is also about passion.

Once a handyman, John Scherillo now successfully operates a blossoming business touted for its affordable prices, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Prestige also prides itself on flexible payment plans and new and innovative approaches to construction; two traits that have lead to the success of John’s company.

Scherillo began his entrepreneurship at a young age by pursuing ventures stemming from electronics to construction services. John’s ethics, hard work, and positive attitude were recognized and excelled him in business. After accomplishing many successful endeavors, Scherillo decided to make the jump into business ownership. Because of John’s extensive knowledge of real estate, construction and local demand, his company Prestige Custom Builders and Prestige Carting quickly excelled within his local region, eventually broadening statewide.

When not on the job, Scherillo is interested in sports, movies, exercise, and reading. John enjoys books about history, culture and business. Scherillo is a fan of local athletic events, and also enjoys dining and spending time with his friends and family. Scherillo especially enjoys community events and local fundraisers, as well as charities and art expos. John also considers his two Shepherd dogs as family, as Schierllo also enjoys dog parks and teaching his pups new tricks. In terms of sports, John enjoys hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. Scherillo enjoys attending these events and holding small sports parties with friends and relatives.

These days, Scherillo continues to operate his growing business with the help of a supportive and knowledgeable team assembled from years of expertise and his personal company training. Together, his crew has assisted thousands of companies in restoration and cleanup. As John Scherillo’s company continues to expand, Scherillo has managed to find personal success in the launch of passionate endeavors stemming from travel to the pursuit of knowledge in other realms of business. Scherillo relies on his wife and family for support and insight. Scherillo resides in Long Island with his partner and family.